Dear Occupational Therapy Community — Sharing Georgia Vine

Back in High school I had twitter for those silly tweets you’d share with your friends, the drama, the subtweets, and following celebrities. Two years ago, when I went to my first Occupational therapist conference, I realized that the occupational therapy community is HUGE on Twitter, and that it was no longer just a funContinue reading “Dear Occupational Therapy Community — Sharing Georgia Vine”

Telerehabilitation in Occupational therapy – OT Journal Club

A while ago I had the idea to start a little OT Journal Club where I would read an open access article, summarize it briefly and share my insight. My first one was something I was super proud of (read here) but then I fell off the wagon and haven’t been able to finish anotherContinue reading “Telerehabilitation in Occupational therapy – OT Journal Club”

Adventures of starting as an Occupational therapist in a large rehab company

If you have followed along with my blog since I started it in 2020, you might already know that I am an occupational therapist who graduated in November 2019 (my first blog post ever talks a bit about me). My first clinical OT job was with a tiny private pediatric occupational therapy practice. The companyContinue reading “Adventures of starting as an Occupational therapist in a large rehab company”