Grounded to Grow; the beauty of connecting with like OT minds

I’ve been practicing as an Occupational Therapist since 2019, and since I started, I’ve had quite a few different experiences on different teams. As Occupational therapists, we often find ourselves working in teams with either lots of other OTs where the field is developed and there are specific guidelines and frameworks for our specific job,Continue reading “Grounded to Grow; the beauty of connecting with like OT minds”

Reflecting on how much I love my role as a non traditional OT

Simple nature activities for your child’s development

Back in March, I started working with a private practice providing Occupational Therapy group programming out in a nature setting (see my block post about starting this job here). Based in a busy city, sometimes it is hard for families to get out of their mid city apartments or houses that may not have theContinue reading “Simple nature activities for your child’s development”