Let’s talk about…Sleep and ADHD

As an Occupational Therapist, I am constantly learning and seeking out opportunities to grow. Yesterday I took a course through the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada , in which we talked about Sleep and ADHD. The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC) is a national, not for profit, organization that provides leadership and support dedicatedContinue reading “Let’s talk about…Sleep and ADHD”

What skills do Occupational Therapists bring to your life?

If you have met an occupational therapist, chances are you experienced a small part of our scope of practice in the one context you met them in. Perhaps your elderly parent or grandparent was in the hospital after a surgery and their occupational therapist helped recommend some grab bars for their shower or a walkerContinue reading “What skills do Occupational Therapists bring to your life?”

Should we be implementing Work From Home dress codes?

With COVID numbers rising steadily in North America, many workplaces are keeping their employees at home and some companies, such as Shopify, have told employees they will be working from home for the foreseeable future. While scrolling through LinkedIn, as I do quite a bit these days looking for a more full time position, IContinue reading “Should we be implementing Work From Home dress codes?”

The Role of Occupational Therapists : ACT team

Happy Occupational therapy month! If you’ve been following along with my blog posts, you may have read my most recent blog about Occupational therapy and where you might find us (click here to read). I have reached out to some friends and colleagues to help share their roles and scope of practices in the occupationalContinue reading “The Role of Occupational Therapists : ACT team”

October is Occupational Therapy Month!

The month of October represents a lot of different things for different people. Halloween decorating begins, the leaves start to change, fall activities are engaged in, it’s #PSL season, and different organizations and issues are brought to awareness. All of these parts of October are more or less significant to people depending on how meaningfulContinue reading “October is Occupational Therapy Month!”

The Benefits of Colouring for Children

If you’ve stepped into a dollar store, craft store, book store, etc in the last couple years, you must have seen the HUGE variety of colouring books lining the shelves. From Frozen, to Power Rangers and Paw Patrol, to more specifically created colouring books to focus on mindfulness, there is literally a colouring book forContinue reading “The Benefits of Colouring for Children”

How sourdough, plants, and my cats have helped my anxiety

Like many of us are, whether we realize it or not, I am a creature of routine. I thrive off of having a busy schedule where I have a place to be at least once a day, and I have always been like that. Looking back to high school, I was student council president, wasContinue reading “How sourdough, plants, and my cats have helped my anxiety”

Self care means giving yourself permission to pause…. GUILT FREE.

*** I would like to start this with a little clearing – from the time that I started writing this post, I have sought out an online therapist through Ink Blot Therapy and will be meeting with a therapist tonight to discuss my own mental health. I thought this was important to add here becauseContinue reading “Self care means giving yourself permission to pause…. GUILT FREE.”

Healthy ways to decompress and leave work worries at the office (or home office)

These days life looks different for everyone, and this might mean your work space is now in your home space. If you’re someone who is a chronic worker, always thinking about the next task, working unpaid overtime, or constantly stressed about your clients when you’re supposed to be cooking dinner and relaxing, learning how toContinue reading “Healthy ways to decompress and leave work worries at the office (or home office)”

Ways to Reach Out to Someone who May be Suffering in Silence (TW: Suicide)

Before you start reading, please be aware, I will talk about Suicide in Canada in this post, which may be triggering for some people. Further down in this post I will be talking about supporting individuals in general (which includes people not experiencing suicidal thoughts as well), however please read with caution. If you areContinue reading “Ways to Reach Out to Someone who May be Suffering in Silence (TW: Suicide)”