Be Your Own Sunshine

Bringing together yoga, occupational therapy, and passion to make change and live our best lives.

Welcome to my blog! This space will be a mix of my passions, experiences, and reflections. I am an occupational therapist with specialized skills in coaching, yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, artist, community connector, fiancee and cat mama. My hopes is that I can start to connect with other people who share my values and passions, create connections and potentially some cool stuff together, and begin to post interviews with different people so that we can all come together to share knowledge.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and research, and connecting with people through this blog and seeing where this journey will take me! Feel free to contact me to connect, ask questions, leave feedback, or follow me on social media to continue the conversation!

Latest from the Blog

Cherishing the Magic of the Forest

If you are lucky enough to have walked through a forest, big or small, in your lifetime, you may have been lucky enough to experience the magic it holds. Hearing the word forest, you might be setting up a big expectation for this forest, that you had to have been hiking in the rainforest or…

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