Simple nature activities for your child’s development

Back in March, I started working with a private practice providing Occupational Therapy group programming out in a nature setting (see my block post about starting this job here). Based in a busy city, sometimes it is hard for families to get out of their mid city apartments or houses that may not have theContinue reading “Simple nature activities for your child’s development”

Breathing strategies for you and your child

Whether you hear it from a therapist, your yoga instructor, a friend, or your child’s teachers, I am sure you have heard about breathing strategies before. As an occupational therapist and yoga instructor, I can definitely attest to the benefits of deep breathing to help with calming you and your child. First, let’s talk aboutContinue reading “Breathing strategies for you and your child”

Getting into an online yoga practice

This year has flipped a lot of our worlds upside down. Not only can we not see many of our friends any family due to COVID-19, but many of us our unemployed or underemployed, and many of our mental health strategies have been taken from us with various closures. Toronto, Peel and Ottawa region haveContinue reading “Getting into an online yoga practice”

How sourdough, plants, and my cats have helped my anxiety

Like many of us are, whether we realize it or not, I am a creature of routine. I thrive off of having a busy schedule where I have a place to be at least once a day, and I have always been like that. Looking back to high school, I was student council president, wasContinue reading “How sourdough, plants, and my cats have helped my anxiety”

Self care means giving yourself permission to pause…. GUILT FREE.

*** I would like to start this with a little clearing – from the time that I started writing this post, I have sought out an online therapist through Ink Blot Therapy and will be meeting with a therapist tonight to discuss my own mental health. I thought this was important to add here becauseContinue reading “Self care means giving yourself permission to pause…. GUILT FREE.”

Healthy ways to decompress and leave work worries at the office (or home office)

These days life looks different for everyone, and this might mean your work space is now in your home space. If you’re someone who is a chronic worker, always thinking about the next task, working unpaid overtime, or constantly stressed about your clients when you’re supposed to be cooking dinner and relaxing, learning how toContinue reading “Healthy ways to decompress and leave work worries at the office (or home office)”