Reflecting on how much I love my role as a non traditional OT

Staying true to you in your engagement photos

In September 2019, when I graduated from my master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and moved back to my home city and into my girlfriend’s place, she proposed. I was completely shocked – not that we hadn’t talked about it before, but because I had compartmentalized my life so hard so I could focus on finishingContinue reading “Staying true to you in your engagement photos”

When we use toxic positivity on ourselves it sounds like…

If your friend came up to you and told you something absolutely horrible happened to them this morning, and they were extremely upset about it, would you tell them to get over it? That they should consider that other people are worse off? Or that they should remember how much they have to be gratefulContinue reading “When we use toxic positivity on ourselves it sounds like…”

Active listening – shifting the focus from ME to YOU.

“To be listened to is a striking experience, partly because it is so rare” (Co-Active Coaching). I’m sure we’ve all experienced it; going to talk to a friend, family member, therapist etc and feeling this immediate connection, feeling weight lifting off your shoulders… like your feelings are known, understood and valid. This person who makesContinue reading “Active listening – shifting the focus from ME to YOU.”