Pushing Self love vs Pushing MLMs

The wellness industry has been under fire recently for loads of things, and as someone with a Master’s degree in a physical and mental health professional program (occupational therapy), I definitely see problems popping up in the mainstream social media. It seems like on any social media platform you log into, you can see peopleContinue reading “Pushing Self love vs Pushing MLMs”

When we use toxic positivity on ourselves it sounds like…

If your friend came up to you and told you something absolutely horrible happened to them this morning, and they were extremely upset about it, would you tell them to get over it? That they should consider that other people are worse off? Or that they should remember how much they have to be gratefulContinue reading “When we use toxic positivity on ourselves it sounds like…”

How to avoid pushing toxic positivity during a global pandemic.

2020 has been quite the adventure of a year. With a global health pandemic shutting down businesses, putting people out of work, and changing the routine of people all over the world… all while global protests about the police violence in the United States and Canada pulling back the veil on the racism against BlackContinue reading “How to avoid pushing toxic positivity during a global pandemic.”