Enjoying a beautiful chilly morning with a new nature based book

Grounded to Grow; the beauty of connecting with like OT minds

I’ve been practicing as an Occupational Therapist since 2019, and since I started, I’ve had quite a few different experiences on different teams. As Occupational therapists, we often find ourselves working in teams with either lots of other OTs where the field is developed and there are specific guidelines and frameworks for our specific job,Continue reading “Grounded to Grow; the beauty of connecting with like OT minds”

Planning for my first airplane trip after COVID 🙏🏻

It’s been almost exactly 3 years since I’ve been on an airplane. I’m sure this is not a big shock to anyone; many people don’t fly frequently, but these 3 years obviously were very different, and a lot has changed since then. Before COVID, I had what I called “plane anxiety”; I would get nervousContinue reading “Planning for my first airplane trip after COVID 🙏🏻”

Starting a Podcast: The h(OT) take

Today I took the energy and the adrenaline I had after work and finally took the big step I was nervous to take for so long – I published my first episode of my podcast ! When I started hosting placements for occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students, I started realizing how limited ourContinue reading “Starting a Podcast: The h(OT) take”

The power of soft friendships

As an individual with anxiety and difficulty with sensory challenges, coming out of COVID isolations have been super hard for me. I have truly come to realize how much I find myself masking (Masking is a process by which an individual changes or “masks” their natural personality to conform to social pressures, abuse or harassment –Continue reading “The power of soft friendships”