Starting a Podcast: The h(OT) take

Today I took the energy and the adrenaline I had after work and finally took the big step I was nervous to take for so long – I published my first episode of my podcast !

When I started hosting placements for occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students, I started realizing how limited our education is in so many ways and how difficult it is to teach things that are not in text books. In my placement I focus on teaching soft skills, how to connect and build rapport with clients, and how to understand where people are coming from. Most of the things we do are observation based and come from a strengths based approach which is hard to teach for people who like learning from books or lectures, because you just have to DO. I love learning from others, and when I graduated I sought out so many therapists as well as people who have used occupational therapists to understand better how I can support my clients .

When I started getting students I started listening to podcasts to see if I could find information I could share with them via other people, and it proved to be helpful (when I could find podcasts related to what I wanted to share!).

So today I post my first podcast episode. It’s a small trailer, but gives a little intro and insight into who I am and my vision for my podcast! I am hoping to put together various interviews with different occupational therapists who share their passions, jobs and experiences. I hope to share some mental health strategies, some insight into my interests and passions, and some practical episodes such as guided meditations and yoga classes!

You can check it out my first episode here :

If you have any ideas of what you’d like to hear from my podcast or if you’d like to do an interview with me, please let me know !


Published by maiiflowerr

Pronouns She/Her/they/them. I'm a millennial just trying to make a difference in the world, and create space for people to accept themselves and live their best lives. My fiancee, Sydney, and I are mothers to our two goofy cats, and the queens of creative adventures. I am an Occupational therapist, a dancer and a yoga instructor with a passion for supporting people and creating community.

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