Coffee date catch up – new jobs and new realizations

A couple weeks ago I decided to start a Coffee date catch up post (you can read the first one here), as a way to connect with my readers a bit deeper, and to give myself a moment to reflect on my own thoughts about the past week!

Last post got a bit of excitement in responses, so I thought I would try to write another one this week! I hope everyone is doing well this week, keeping safe and healthy, and finding alternative ways to celebrate the beautiful holiday season! If you have anything you want to share about your week, please feel free to leave it in the comments!

Here’s what happened in my life this past week:

  • Following up with my break from my therapist in the last post, I thought it was important to share that I have connected with a new therapist through BetterHelp, and have scheduled a session for next week. I have been going through a lot of low mood and high anxiety, and I think that even though I am really learning a lot about myself in coping with these things, it would be good to be able to talk to someone. I think that being able to recognize my triggers a bit better so I can prepare for these low mental health days will be something that will really help.
  • My anxiety was HIGH due to a lack of communication from the job I am starting next week and it made me realize a few things while coping with these emotions. I realized who I can talk to about my anxiety who will help me work through the logical side of my worries. I was also able to recognize by limits and set appropriate boundaries with my new employer, which is a huge deal for me because my anxiety stems from people pleasing most of the time.
  • I realized that starting my day around the same time every morning, whether that means I am working right away or I head out for a walk first thing in the morning, is a strategy that has helped my emotions and anxiety quite a bit. There was one day this week that I spent way too long in bed in the morning since I didn’t have an occupational therapy client till later, and my whole day was filled with low mood and very high anxiety.
  • Along the same line of coping strategies, I decided that I am going to start journaling daily/ as often as I can. If you have a favourite journal style or some good journal prompts send them my way or share them in the comments for everyone PLEASEEEE! I also was able to kill two birds with one stone and realized that I have been avoiding one of my coping strategies, which is painting, because the anxiety of making something that is not perfect was too great. So I started painting with watercolours in my journal and was able to get some relaxing painting done last night (pictures below)
  • I also did some cute easy arts and crafts this week over a zoom call with one of my friends from Occupational therapy school! We both worked on our own craft of choice, and chatted about work and life, and it was so lovely and relaxing.
  • A couple friends of mine also recognized the way that accountability such as doing things with friends or for friends is missing during this COVID time. A lot of the time it’s easy to clean your home because friends and family are coming over, or to cook for people instead of just cooking for yourself. Sometimes motivation for schoolwork and working from home can be low because you’re in your house alone, and we miss that social interaction to keep ourselves accountable! So we started a little group where we can start a video meeting anytime and people can join whenever they want to do hobbies, school projects, work, and other home tasks! I am really excited for this especially for the colder, darker winter season coming up.
  • My roommate and I have also rediscovered the Family Channel tv shows of Disney+ this week! We’ve been watching shows like The Proud Family, Raven’s Home and Wizards of Waverley Place, and have been laughing so hard at the old memories they are bringing us! I also discovered that my cat Caesar LOVES the movie Jungle Book! I have never seen him actually look at the television before, and yesterday while we were watching it he literally did not take his eyes off the screen! XD

And finally, a little small, local business shoutout! I haven’t been able to update my prescription glasses because I don’t have benefits or the money this year to do so, but my screen time has been increased a lot during COVID. So this week I got a pair of blue light glasses from a local Toronto business; Si Clair Lenses ! They were hand delivered by the business owner straight to my door with a cute little note, and I am in love! Don’t forget to support local this holiday season ❤

Anyways, I could write about 1000 different things this week but we’ll keep it kind of short! How has your week been?

Following along with the cute video that I shared last post, I thought I would share another cute video that has been one of my favourite feel good videos since it was posted YEARS ago! So enjoy Jessica and her daily affirmations! And if you have a favourite feel good video please share!


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