Sunshine guided visualization

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As an Occupational therapist, I often find myself using my yoga teacher skills and passions to engage my clients in self care. I am currently focused on nature based therapy and how we can access the benefits of nature even if we can’t get out into nature itself. Sometimes a visualization doesn’t have to be over complicated, it can just be imagining some sunshine shining over you on a beautiful spring day!

Please note that this meditation was a mixture of a bunch of different meditations I found online, but with modifications to benefit the clients that I have at my job. Each individual may be comfortable with something different, so feel free to change around wording as one size does not fit all! Often times the best meditations happen when you can connect personally to the words, so writing one can be fun and so beneficial! Happy meditating 🙂

To begin, find a comfortable place to rest, perhaps seated or lying down. Allow yourself to truly relax; perhaps squeezing your muscles tight for 5 seconds and then letting the tension go. Relax the muscles in your feet, your legs, the muscles of your bum and your torso. Allow your shoulders to relax away from the ears, and open your hands, letting your palms open to the sky. Imagine the muscles of your forehead relaxing, move your tongue off the top of your mouth and relax the jaw.

Through all of this, just be aware of your body and of the tension in your muscles, there is no need to judge, just to notice.

Let’s focus our attention on our breathing


Now see how you can slow the rhythm of your breathing by counting.

Breathe in….2…..3…..4…..Pause…2…..3…..Breathe out….2…..3…..4…..5…..


Breathe in….2…..3…..4…..Hold…2….3….Exhale….2….3…..4…..5…..

Continue to breathe slowly, smoothly….. relaxing more with each breath.

Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

As you relax, start to create a picture in your mind. Imagine that you are lying on a blanket outside on a warm summer day. Your body is on the soft blanket and your toes graze the cool green grass, next to some magnificent tall willow trees.

The sun shines down warmly, and a cool breeze blows across your skin.

See the sky above, blue and bright. See the clouds floating by… blowing in the breeze.

Picture in your mind the details of this scene. The feel of the sun and breeze on your skin. The cool grass and soft blanket beneath you. The trees beside you, leaves rustling in the wind.

It is so relaxing, watching the white fluffy clouds drift by in the sky above.

The sun shining down warms and relaxes you, creating a calm, sleepy feeling. The breeze keeps you cool and comfortable.

Feel your body relaxing… bit by bit…. as you sink into the soft blanket and grass beneath you. Feeling your muscles relaxing… letting go. Allowing your breathing to slow as you rest peacefully.


Imagine the sights and sounds of this relaxing scene. The sound of the wind in the trees…. birds singing…. Picture the leaves of the trees as you see them moving…. twisting…. the sun shining through the trees…

Enjoy relaxing, gazing up at the sky. Watching the clouds drift by. Enjoying this beautiful day.


When you are ready to leave this peaceful place, slowly begin to return your awareness to the present.

Take a deep breath in…. and out.

Breathe in again…. and out….

Continue to breathe smoothly and regularly, feeling your energy increasing with each breath.

As you breathe, allow your body to reawaken. Feel the energy flowing through your muscles.

Raise your shoulders as you breathe in, and lower them as you breathe out. Feel your muscles reawaken.

Keep with you the feeling of calm and relaxation, while returning to a state of wakefulness.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to your day, feeling alert and calm.

You can practice this meditation whenever you like, allowing your imagine to take you on a mini vacation. I enjoy thinking of beautiful nature scenes when I am trying to relax, or when I am doing savasannah in a yoga class. Find what works best for you, and move away from the expectation of achieving something during a mindfulness meditation, and just allowing yourself to enjoy 🙂

Feel free to check out my rainy day visualization and beach day visualization for another option 🙂 !


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