Dear Occupational Therapy Community — Sharing Georgia Vine

Back in High school I had twitter for those silly tweets you’d share with your friends, the drama, the subtweets, and following celebrities. Two years ago, when I went to my first Occupational therapist conference, I realized that the occupational therapy community is HUGE on Twitter, and that it was no longer just a fun app, but also a way to connect.

Since re-activating my twitter, I have had the pleasure of connecting with occupational therapists from all over the world, who I am able to engage in conversation with, read about their passions and their experiences, and learn new information every single day.

One of the people I have been very lucky to connect with is Georgia. Georgia is an occupational therapy student, an ambassador for CP Teens UK, and Digital Production Director & Global Students ambassador for OT Without Borders. On her blog and Twitter, she speaks loudly about CP, about her experience with occupational therapy and the roles she has had in her journey as a student. This past month, she has been sharing information about Cerebral Palsy, as it is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month in March. Here’s one of her posts from last year:

National CP Awareness Day 2020: My Experiences as a Service User – Georgia Vine (

National Cerebral Palsy (CP) Awareness Month in March brings attention to a group of disorders that are often diagnosed in early childhood. There are different forms of CP, which are determined by physician based on the extent, type and location of the challenges the child experiences. This diagnosis can occur during development in the womb or during birth, but may be diagnosed later in childhood as missed milestones are recognized. Symptoms of Cerebral palsy can vary quite a bit including variations in muscle tone, spasticity, rigidity, learning difficulties, tremors, lack of balance and muscle coordination etc. Brain abnormalities associated with cerebral palsy might also contribute to other neurological problems including difficulty seeing and hearing, intellectual disabilities, mental health conditions etc.

Georgia speaks on her blog about her personal experience with her disability and and her journey in training to become an occupational therapist. She shares about her experience with virtual occupational therapy placements, which she has been doing even outside of the pandemic. I love the posts she shares as I always find it so important to be able to listen to people’s personal stories and experiences so I can better relate to people in the world. I find that a lot of my rapport I build with my clients is stronger because I try to relate to them as human beings, and reading about people’s personal lived experiences helps a lot with this.

Anyways, I meant to write this earlier in the month so that you could be connected with her blog and follow along with her daily posts, but my energy has been super low. In lieu of this, I thought I would share her latest post about the end of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, which has connections to a bunch of others in the community that you can connect with and click through. Please go check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!

Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2021! Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes, this post is a bit late in the month to just be addressing this subject, there is a reason and that’s because I have just finished my daily posts on Twitter for CP awareness month. This year because I’m knee-deep in […]

Dear Occupational Therapy Community — Georgia Vine

Do you know other people who share information about different diagnoses/conditions? If you have a blog along these lines please drop your blog down below in the comments so I can check it out as I love learning always !


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