Social media accounts to follow this week

If you don’t know me, I am a huge fan of social media and have been really active on social media during this time of COVID quarantine. As someone who has lived in a couple different cities, has friends from all over the place, and loves connecting with people, instagram is my go to avenue to chat. However in the last few months, it has also been my avenue to LEARN. I thought that today I would start a series of posts where I share my favourite social media accounts of the week.

This week there is a loose trend of activism and learning (with a little sprinkle of art). Lets get the conversation started… let’s share our knowledge and the knowledge of others! Let’s spread love and amplify the voices of our BIPOC community, our social justice warriors, our artists, entertainers, and just favourite overall humans 🙂 Please feel free to comment, let me know YOUR favourite social media accounts, and connect with me on my instagram at @maiiflowerr

So You Want To Talk About

This is a great one to start with – so you want to talk about is a page that talks about politics and social issues in easy to read graphics and are wonderful to share to your stories to inform your family, friends and followers about important issues. They talk about a variety of current issues, and for all my non American friends, even though they share a lot of American content, I believe it’s important for us all to know what is going on around the world.

One of my earlier blog posts focused on Toxic Positivity , and early on in the influx of information about anti racism, there was also an influx of the sibling of toxic positivity – Spiritual bypassing. I thought this would be a great one to share on my page – “Spiritual Bypassing is when we use abstract concepts like GOD or universal consciousness, to avoid dealing with uncomfortable real world issues or unpleasant emotions”. As a yoga instructor who steers away from the spirituality aspect of yoga for my students because of the populations I often teach, this was a huge piece for me and very validating as to why I felt so uncomfortable bringing “love and light” and “thoughts and prayers” into my yoga classes at the youth homeless shelter, where very real and traumatic experiences may be part of their stories.

Definitely a GREAT post and overall instagram page to check out

Teach Me: Public Health

This instagram account is created by a Medical student who is interested in public health. They post simple pictures breaking down research into quick, easy to read nuggets of information. I love this one because it starts your brain thinking about things you knew, didn’t know, or didn’t even realize you didn’t know… and this gives you the room to do your own further learning!

One of my favourite posts is this trauma informed care post – I took a 2 day trauma informed care workshop during my final Occupational therapy placement, and it is the one piece of info I WISH we had all learned in OT school. Trauma informed care acknowledges that many of us have had traumatic experiences that shape our life, and this approach to care helps promote safety and healing, and avoid retraumatization. As an OT, yoga instructor, childcare worker, and just an active listener/friend, I definitely recommend doing some trauma informed reading when you have the chance.

Give me a shout for more information about trauma informed care in health care and yoga and in daily life 🙂

Tarn Ellis

Tarn is a freelance illustrator based in the UK. Her work is absolutely beautiful, inspired by women, nature and self love. Her Etsy shop (linked here) features her gorgeous art on prints, cards and post cards.

Of COURSE this particular post brought me to her page (for anyone who doesn’t know me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunflowers more than anything, and if my day to day life allowed it, I would pretty much dress like this all day if I could. I’m also a yoga teacher, and although I keep yoga in my pocket as a tool for my anxiety and something that I share with others, vs having a daily practice like most yoga teachers are believed to have, I am ALWAYS sent or given yoga related items and art

Give her some love if you’re looking for some beautiful art !

Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel Acho’s instagram page features his series called “Uncomfortable conversations with a Black man”, in which he has conversations about race that white people aren’t often able to have.

Brought to light during these last couple months, a lot of white people (including myself) have been thrown into the choice of choosing to be uncomfortable and learn and have conversations that are challenging their beliefs, habits and knowledge, or to be on the wrong side of history choosing the “ignorance is bliss” path. If you are deciding to get uncomfortable, to learn, unlearn and make a change, it’s important to remember that Black people are NOT mandated to educate us. They are tired. They have been awake to racism, have experienced acts of racism, and most likely have experienced intergenerational or vicarious trauma because of the colour of their skin. As white people who are privileged to be learning about racism from the comfort of our homes and not experiencing it, we must use our resources to learn instead of demanding the work to be done by the BIPOC community. Visit Emmanuel’s instagram to get into the conversation that he has started.

Blair Imani

Blair Amadeus Imani is a Black bisexual Muslim woman. She is an author, the co-host of a podcast and ambassador of Muslims for Progressive Values. Her instagram posts are full of aesthetic pictures and social justice information on a variety of different topics.

I love that Blair’s posts (like the one featured here) speak about various forms of social justice and fighting against multiple forms of oppression. Calling out the white supremacy of typical feminist fights, and talking about intersectionality.

In this time where information is EVERYWHERE, but often only really found if the people in your close social media circles are sharing it (which I take for granted for in my circles as they ARE sharing it), it is important to have a few trust worthy go to pages/influencers/websites that will provide you with the information you need to START your education in the wide world of anti oppression.

Thank you for checking out this post! I hope that you enjoy one or all of the posts shared! If you have a cool page to be shared, send me an email or an instagram DM!

Have a wonderful day and stay safe and savy on social media xo


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