Occupational Therapy Journal Club

First published article! Psychotherapy in Occupational Therapy

As someone who has trouble with reading and comprehension, I never thought I would be involved in publishing scientific literature as part of my professional career. After completing my Occupational Therapy masters degree , I was offered a position as a research assistant by one of the professors I very much admire. This research wasContinue reading “First published article! Psychotherapy in Occupational Therapy”

Dear Occupational Therapy Community ā€” Sharing Georgia Vine

Back in High school I had twitter for those silly tweets you’d share with your friends, the drama, the subtweets, and following celebrities. Two years ago, when I went to my first Occupational therapist conference, I realized that the occupational therapy community is HUGE on Twitter, and that it was no longer just a funContinue reading “Dear Occupational Therapy Community ā€” Sharing Georgia Vine”


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Welcome to Journal Club!

If you found this page, Welcome! As a new Occupational Therapist through this strange time (COVID is going on as I am creating this), I thought it would be interesting to start an OT journal club, where I will read an article and post a summary and my critical thoughts around it. If you have an article you’d like to share please message me!

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