If you have read my intro blog, you might have seen that I just completed my masters degree in occupational therapy. COVID has brought me through a space of strange change, where I’ve started recognizing the skills I have that can help others in many different capacitis, and have started offering a range of services virtually. Below are a few of the things I’ve been working on lately, but if you are looking for something specific or not posted here please feel free to reach out and ask ! 🙂

Virtual yoga classes

With COVID sending people to work from home, we often don’t get the movement our bodies need. Whether you’ve done yoga before or are brand new, whether you have a group you want to do yoga with, want to join a class, or have a one on one, I would love to share my love for this movement with you.

Virtual tutoring/learning

Virtual programming may be tricky to navigate, but can still be extremely beneficial to the development of children and young adults. I am offering a wide variety of virtual learning including story/circle time for young children, yoga, guided drawing/social time and more!

Coaching sessions

My experience supporting individuals through challenging times, background in mental health support and education, and my passion to help people connect with others and create their dreams, are the driving forces to my appreciation of coaching. Let’s build something together

I value that every individual has their own story, and their own experiences, and for this reason I like to offer my services on a sliding scale and we can negotiate what works for you. Feel free to reach out with any questions about any of the services above and we can chat about pricing, scheduling, and what working together might look like!

Let’s build something together!

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