🎵If I had a *billion(ish)* dollars, if I had a *billion(ish)* dollars🎵

If you’re following Bloganuary; you know that I am back tracking a bit. My weekdays were packed this first week back to work, so I fell behind, but as per my commitment to the blog (Aka to myself) I want to try to keep on track! So here is day 13’s prompt, what would you do if you had one billion US dollars.

First off, I’m from Canada so I HAD to convert to see what the true dollar worth would be – that’s $1,340,150,000 CAD! I honestly can’t even imagine what that amount of money could do. I wish I could tell you I’d have all my plans prepared, but with the amount of money I have now, this would throw me for a loop!

If you asked kindergarten me, she’d tell you she wants a pink castle to live in and a cat. I already have two cats so I guess half of her dreams are already true before the money rolls in!

But in all honesty, I would probably be pretty boring about all that money to start. I’d pay off my fiancée’s student debt and pay my dad back for the loan for our car. I’d make sure my fiancée and I were comfortable in our home and bills, set money aside to invest for when we get older, and help my parents and sister have a comfortable life. Once all that tactical stuff is done, I’d feel comfortable spending with my soul !!

After getting a dog (of course because we have a large yard now after buying a house!) I’d focus most of my soulful spending on experiences. I LOVE musicals, so I’d be able to treat myself to those! Build a library room in our house for my fiancée with one of those rolling ladders like in Beauty and the Beast (you bet I’d sing on it like Belle). And of course I would want to travel! I have a LONG list of adventures that I want to have, and some of them would be so much better with more money than I have now! Something I also would love to do is take a fancy train ride, and ride one of those large planes where you can shower on the plane and sleep in a bed! I’m just fascinated by transportation like that and I feel like that’s only something I could do if I had lots of money!

Something else that I would love to do with lots of money is be able to do all the things that I’d love to do for people that I can’t do because I need a paycheque. For example, I would love to offer free or low cost occupational therapy services for families who can’t afford to pay out of pocket, and I’d love to start some sort of sleep away camp for individuals who need one on one support so they can experience something new! I’d love to be able to start a project where I hire people to join me to take people (kids and adults) with diverse needs on field trips to things they may not have the opportunity to do. Another dream I’d love to fulfill is being able to take time to go into schools and offer hair brushing and hairstyling services for some of the children that may need some extra grooming help. I watch a couple teachers on tik tok who talk about helping their students do their hair because their parents either can’t or don’t and it’s so matted. Any of the projects where I can support people who truly need it but maybe I currently couldn’t do it due to needing to make money and not being able to fund my dreams, I would use the money to do that.

I think something that people dream big about is spending tons of money on items and electronics and cars, but I just would want to experience all the incredible things I dream of that I haven’t had the ability to do yet. I’m curious what other people have answered and definitely want to hear some more perspectives because that amount of money seems OUTRAGEOUS and I feel like there’s so much I could do that I can’t even imagine that big !

Right now I’m grateful for all that I have and all the dreams I can come up with around the endless possibilities if I somehow had money to fulfill them!!


Published by maiiflowerr

Pronouns She/Her/they/them. I'm a millennial just trying to make a difference in the world, and create space for people to accept themselves and live their best lives. My fiancee, Sydney, and I are mothers to our two goofy cats, and the queens of creative adventures. I am an Occupational therapist, a dancer and a yoga instructor with a passion for supporting people and creating community.

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