Happy (and maybe not happy) holidays ❤️

I don’t usually post holiday related posts because I know it can be a difficult time for many, but I wanted to just share well wishes ❤️

Since COVID I’ve really shifted my outlook on the holiday season. Spending time trumps the gift giving for me, it always has been more important but this year even more so. Watching tik toks and people sharing their family Christmas on Instagram, this year the trend was HUGE quantities of gifts under the Christmas tree. As a family that chooses not to give tons of gifts, it was just shocking to see, but I can only imagine if you couldn’t even afford to give or receive a gift that this would be more emotionally challenging.

I could also share my Christmas ideals about being with family and those you love, but I also have been experiencing different family dynamics which has reminded me this isn’t common for everyone. I think in society we push that idea of big family dinners with cute clothing and lots of gifts, but this isn’t enjoyable or possible for everyone.

So where am I going with this blog post? I just wanted to acknowledge and validate whatever you do during this time. Maybe you had big exciting celebrations this year or maybe it was something smaller or nothing at all. Know that just because you are related to someone or friends with them does not mean you are obligated to their plans. You can set boundaries and decline invitations if these relationships and events don’t make you feel good. At the end of the day, your safety, happiness and mental health is the most important !

Whatever your situation may be , may you be safe and well ❤️ happy (or not) holidays xoxoxo

Published by maiiflowerr

Pronouns She/Her/they/them. I'm a millennial just trying to make a difference in the world, and create space for people to accept themselves and live their best lives. My fiancee, Sydney, and I are mothers to our two goofy cats, and the queens of creative adventures. I am an Occupational therapist, a dancer and a yoga instructor with a passion for supporting people and creating community.

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